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Why Join WEBC?

Women’s Elite Boxing Club is Houston’s only women’s boxing training club. It’s a place where women can come and get traditional boxing training and aren’t concerned about being uncomfortable in a co-ed gym or as a beginner. WEBC is for beginners and experienced boxers of any age. We show women everyday that you don’t have to be a boxer to train like one.


How Can I Join WEBC?

Come by the studio during any scheduled class time. Online membership available soon.

Want Your Little Girls to Join WEBC?

Women’s youth boxing training ranges from ages 6 to 16. Usually 8 year olds and up can train with their mother. If the child is younger and unable to keep up with their mother, a separate trainer is available for the child. Why wouldn't you want your daughter to be strong?


New to Women’s Elite Boxing Club?

Interested in trying boxing at our club but unsure where to begin?


In our WEBC Classes, we perform endurance and strength training, boxing cardio drills, and strong core focus.



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