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The past few years, I practiced Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muai Tai, and boxing. I’m a certified boxing fitness trainer and lover all forms of physical fitness. While at my heaviest weight of almost 400 lbs., I knew that I needed to change and boxing for me was the answer. It was something that would challenge me and I 100% knew I wouldn't get bored with it.


I knew in a traditional gym I could get on the treadmill or elliptical but I needed something more. Once I found a boxing gym I trained 4 - 5 days per week after work. I was determined!


IT WAS TOUGH! BUT...I DID NOT STOP. Although, I never got into it to become a fighter I had my share of sparring and amateur fights, but being a trainer is by far the best feeling.


My passion is to EMPOWER WOMEN and IMPROVE their lives by helping to improve their health PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY.


My love of boxing led me to create Women’s Elite Boxing Club to help Women do just that.

Starting a fitness journey is not easy. WEBC is a place of amazing community support with so many inspirational stories and positive energy.


You'll fit right in.

Nigel Stokes, Certified Boxing Trainer

Founder and Owner, Women's Elite Boxing Club

My name is Chalice Hornsby. I am a highly motivated, ambitious, and enthusiastic person. I love to assist others in accomplishing their goals and reaching their full physical potential. I am eager to push you ladies to the next level. Fitness is very important. Not only does it build your strength but it boosts your confidence. Overtime, progression is inevitable so long as you come ready to workout.


In addition to my desire to be fit, along the way I built up a professional as well as personal background. I graduated from the University of Houston in 2012. I majored in Political Science with a minor in International Area of Study in Asia. I studied abroad in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. I work for a law firm near the galleria area. I love to dance, write poetry, travel, and box. I aspire to go to law school and become a corporate attorney.


All I ask of future boxers is to come to class with an open mind. Do not be hard on yourself the first couple of weeks. Understand your body is trying to adjust to new demands. Drink plenty of water. Smile and make new friends. Prepare yourself to make a new fashion statement on the runway of life.



WEBC Boxing Fitness Trainer Since 2014

Trainers, are you looking for a gym to train your clients?!!!


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