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"Nigel is the best trainer I've ever had! She pushes you to work hard, and to be the best you can be and makes it fun! I would, and have recommended her to any and everyone looking for a great intense workout."


"I have been training for 2 weeks now and I already see a difference in my legs and stomach!!! Training is fun and you get one hell of a workout. Nigel motivates you to keep going and to keep pushing yourself in ways you wouldnt think possible. I am very happy with my results thus far!!! And I will continue training and watching my body change in amazing ways."


"Ever since I starting training with Miss Nigel my waist is smaller and my entire body is tighter. It's an extreme workout but it's worth all the pain!"


"The feeling you get after the workouts keep you coming back for more!!!"


"OMG! Nigel is tough!! Routines always challenging, I dont know how she does it!!!! If you're scared to challenge yourself this is NOT for you, but the end results are SO worth it!!"


"I've been training with Miss Nigel for about 6 weeks. Boxing is a great sport, and old fashion workout and the training will definitely have your body burning, and make you sweat! I enjoy every minute of it!!!"

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